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DJI Inspire 2 X5S Camera Specifications
  • Still Formats: DNG, JPEG

  • Video Formats: RAW, ProRes, MOV, MP4

  • M 4/3 Sensor with multiple lenses

  • Recording on SSD or micro SD

  • Optional gimbal operator remote

  • Approximately 23 minute flight time

  • Custom DC quick charger (can charge 3 sets of batteries in true simultaneous)

  • Camera has its own stabilized gimbal

FreeFly Alta 6 Pro
  • Movi Pro Gimbal (can accomodate most professional cameras).  Please contact us prior to arrange camera support equipment and compatibility.

  • Dual remotes (Pilot, Camera/Gimbal operator).

  • Can lift up to 15lbs (shorter flight time will apply)

In some cases more than 30 days notice will need to be provided to allow for clearances by the FAA.

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